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The wildly popular Fried Chicken Sandwich is all set to launch in Toronto on September 14. Per blogTO, the sandwich is made up of all white meat chicken breast which has been marinated in a blend of Louisiana seasonings for at least 12 hours, and then it's battered and breaded in a buttermilk coating by hand before being slow-cooked using a proprietary frying process The chicken is then served on a  toasted brioche bun with barrel-cured pickles and classic or spicy mayonnaise.

Come visit Popeyes at Delisle Court soon!

Equipped with far-infrared paneled ceiling, this state of the art Yoga studio guarantees a refreshing, deep sweat when you work out.  The studio boasts of an advanced air exchange system that continuously cleans the air inside the studio, ensuring a healthier and safer environment.

The visionary owner of the studio, Ronit Wilks was interviewed recently. Read the full article here:

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